Friday, February 11, 2011

One step forward, .7 steps back.

So this morning was my weekly blog weigh in. Last week, I weighed 277.0. This week, I weighed 277.7. Hmmm ... maybe I am doing something wrong? Well, it has been a crazy week. there were some great positives, and some pretty bad negatives this week.

Starting with the positives, I started and stuck to my "moderate workout" plan. The plan includes two parts: a run on my exercise bike in the morning before work, and a run on the elliptical before bed. As a starting point, I arbitrarily chose 10 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes in the evening. My plan is to add time to both of those slowly until I build them up to 30 minutes each. I also want to add some light strength and flexibility increasing activities as well in the evenings eventually.

I got decent sleep during the week, and almost all of my blood sugar readings were within my established target range, and the couple that fell outside my target range did so by only a few points. My energy level got better as the week went along, leading to today being the best I have felt all week. Given all of the positives, why the .7 pound weight gain? Well, that question leads me to the negatives.

All week, I was on the go. I had maybe 3 meals at home, and that was it. Everything else was eating on the go. When I am eating on the go, I tend to pay far less attention to what I am eating than I do when I am cooking at home. I mean, I try, I am just not as successful. I avoid McDonald's and Burger King, and instead go to either Subway or a local Chinese food chain called Wong's Wok. The food is good, and marginally better for me there, but they tend to pile it on and when I run out and grab food before eating at my desk, I tend to lose myself in my work and end up forgetting to stop myself and save some for later.

So, in the end, it was a good week. Had I better controlled my eating, it would have been a far better week. So what changes do I plan for next week? First and foremost: eat at home and remember to bring lunch to work. Second, remember my granola bars (Fiber One granola bars). A couple times I needed a quick lift at work and ran down and got a bag of Combos (or in the case of one really rough day where I needed the energy, a bag of Skittles). Third, I think I can easily add five minutes to my morning ride on the exercise bike and increase my activity level.

Hopefully, next week will have a better result than this week!



Rough week all around last week, I think. How is it going so far this week? I know you can do this. Stick with it!


So far so good, upped my bike time to 15 minutes this morning ... I forgot what sweat felt like! ;)

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