Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Intro to the Blog

Hi all, my name is Deanne and I am an online friend of Katie's. We "met" through blogging and I am excited to share with her in this venture in weight loss. Katie and I both have similar goals in mind - to lose weight, to build muscle and to overall get healthy. Isn't that right, Katie? :)

For starters, I will say that my biggest challenges to overcome to help with the weight loss and having a healthier lifestyle are time (for instance this past week, I have been working 10 hour days and have a roundtrip commute to work and back of 6 hours. So 16 hours driving/working...add in an extra 8 for sleep and you have a good idea of my life at the moment!) But to be honest, most times, I don't get nearly as much sleep as I should. And I work nights, so that throws my rhythm (and more importantly my metabolism) off as well. I also have discovered through past weight loss programs that I don't consume nearly enough calories each day. It doesn't make sense. I'm way overweight (bmi is 41 for crying out loud!) and yet, I don't eat nearly as much as I should. I mean, I understand it in my brain - a person's body needs to have the food to boost the metabolism, but I just don't get hungry very much. Plus there are so many conflicting pieces of advice out there. Eat to boost your metabolism vs. Only eat when you feel hungry. I am not sure which one I am supposed to do! So hard and frustrating!

And for a little bit more about me - I am a CNA. I actually get a pretty great workout at work. I lift and turn people. I do sprints (think - I'm on one side of the facility and a resident's alarm goes off on the other side of the facility, I have to get there FAST!) I am also a wife and a mother. My husband loves to cook (for which I am incredibly grateful but we are working on revamping our meals as well to contain more healthy options). My children include a 10 year old boy Natty, 7 year old boy JoNo, 4 year old girl Punky Pie, and a 3 year old boy Boo.

Natty is overweight as well and we are trying to instill the idea of living a healthy lifestyle in him. He is incredibly active but eats constantly. (Too bad he and I can't just "even" each other out!) JoNo, Punky and Boo are all within their recommended weight ranges and I'd like for them to stay there too.

I plan to start with some baby steps as well. My baby steps for this next week are to drink 64 oz. of water every day and for every ounce of other fluid I have, I plan to also have twice as much water as well. (So - for instance - 64 oz. of water per day and then I drink a 12 ounce soda so I would need to have at least an extra 24 ounces of water that day.) I hope that makes sense. I also hope that it would inspire me to not drink things that are not good for me, because soda is my one big downfall. I don't know how much better it is, but I have started drinking non-caffeinated soda for the most part of my soda consumption.

And at least once this next week (by Monday) I want to do my Jillian Michael's 30-day shred workout video. I bought the video after seeing on the Exercise channel and I got a set of hand weights to go with it. They recommend 3 pound weights and I think I got the 2 pound ones. Or maybe I did get the 3 pounders... I can't quite recall. But regardless, I have weights and I have a video. And now, I have a plan (in writing and shared on here!) to get at least one workout in.

So those are the goals. Drink 64 oz. of water per day, cut out unhealthy fluids (or "make up" for them) and then do the workout video at least once. Oh - and I will need to get you all a starting weight too - let me run down and weigh myself...240.3 pounds. Whew! I am a bit uncertain if that is an accurate weight though. I plan to get a better scale later on today maybe. But I will let you know if the scale that I am using changes.

Oh - and thank you, Katie, for allowing me to post on here with you. We shall be each other's champions!



I wish you very good luck!

Prairie Land Mama

Thanks Angela! I plan to work hard at it! Somehow, putting it in writing just makes it feel like I am being held so much more accountable to my goals. I like that and I need that!

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